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#ShippingSunday: Finn & Poe

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The StormPilot Ship That Could Have Been

Couple: Finn & Poe from "Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy"
Le Moment: "Space Husbands Reunited"

So it's PRIDE Month so I wanted to talk about one of those couples I ship but there just weren't enough cohones to do it. That is the prospect that is Stormpilot/Finnpoe/Pinn/Space Husbands or Boyfriends. Whatever title you give them, they just work. And although you can ship Oscar Isaac with a light pole and it'd still be hot is an understatement of the man's charisma. But it really does shine when it comes to his chemistry with John Boyega. The way they interact like an old married couple of TROS says it all despite all the other problems wrong with this movie. And there's a LOT.

But despite how everyone feels about the sequel trilogy and EVERYONE feels one way or another about it, there are some gems in there. Let’s crack into one of them.

Quickish Rundown:

In The Force Awakens, a new empire is in place called the First Order who is trying to find a portion of a map to find the missing Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. Poe Dameron (played by charisma personified, Oscar Isaac), who happens to be on the planet of Jakku to secure a missing portion of the map, is soon captured by emo baddie, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and a host of stormtroopers. After being tortured, he's soon rescued by FN-2187 (played by the handsome but so deserved better John Boyega), a reluctant stormtrooper who has failed at his first mission. Finn, as Poe soon renames him, is not for that trooper life of killing innocents because that's a load of BS. So he immediately puts his faith in Poe to get them the hell out of dodge, which is what they do as they escape.

On their escape, they're shot down back to the planet of Jakku, where they both survive the crash but are separated, believing the other has died, although we don't know what happens to Poe until the Battle of Takodana they‘re reunited, which brings us to le moment.

Le Moment: "Space Husbands Reunited"

After all the stuff had gone down on the planet Takodana where Finn’s other potential bae got snatched by Emo Ren (whole other topic on both of those pairings), he‘s dropped off by Han at the Resistance Base at D-Qar. There he is reunited with Poe. And as soon as Poe hears from BB-8 that Finn had survived the crash and was there. Then Poe immediately runs to Finn, and they hug.

It immediately gives you feelings of although they've only known each other for maybe twenty minutes prior to this meeting, they already feel drawn to each other. Anyone going through death experiences could testify to that. But their camaraderie is instantaneous, and they're each relieved that the other is okay. Poe is grateful for Finn getting BB-8, who has the map to Luke, to the Resistance, completing Poe's original mission. Now, Finn is rocking Poe's jacket, which Poe notices. Before Finn can give it back, Poe tells Finn to keep it and that it suits Finn, lip biting and all.

Now as I said before, Oscar Isaac is shippable with everyone on this side of the galaxy and beyond. Poe meeting Rey at the end of The Last Jedi launched more fanfic from that alone. But I firmly believe that the StormPilot combo had the most insta-spark there was as far as Poe and Finn are concerned. although I enjoy FinnRey. too, especially within The Force Awakens.

But I definitely love the aspect of StormPilot, and so were John & Oscar but Disney wasn't sure on how audiences would receive them. So we have the add-a-character to detract from that (Rose and Zorii) which was a wasted opportunity. Star Wars is supposed to be not only more advanced than we, but there are alien races galore with interspecies relationships. And you're going to tell me that the odds of a same-sex relationship not being in that mix is 3,720 to 1?

Where to Find It:

Another one that Disney+ has. Can also buy it almost anywhere. Also, there's a ton of relationships in Star Wars that didn't have their happily ever after. That's why I've watched this great parody called The Farce Awakens that does a lot of non-canonical storylines and relationships, especially of the NSFW caliber. It's cartoon base so they can get away with a lot more, but they cater to a lot of ships that never got the chance to fly. But again, that's what fanfiction is for. May the SHIP be with you, always!

Read & Ship On. :)


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