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#ShippingSunday: Miranda & Gary

A Couple of Such Fun!

Couple: Miranda & Gary from "Miranda"
Le Moment: Cooking Lesson

My bestie had introduced me to the enduringly sweet awkwardness that is Miranda. Oh, Miranda. The show is funny, sometimes painful to watch but so enduring with characters and catchphrases that to this day I still say with my bestie or my husband. (Bear with? Such fun?)

But Miranda is the epitome of the "cannot adult today" line we see time and time again. A lot of us even feel like that (raises hand). But even with that, there's always a chance to still get your dream guy...even if he's Lucifer Morningstar. (wrong fandom but we all get it, it's Tom Freakin' Ellis).

Like All of Us

Quick Rundown:

Miranda (played by the international treasure, Miranda Hart) is a woman in her thirties who decided to spend her inheritance to open a joke shop. She has an overbearing mother who is trying her best to attached her daughter to ANYONE who would marry her, from auctioning her off randomly on the street to hooking her up with a cousin. Yup, just within the first episode. But Miranda can be a hard sell to some. At 6' 1", she's tall, trips over her own feet, socially awkward with some hijinks always happening to her. Not to mention, she's a habitual liar to the point she doesn't even know why she does it sometimes.

I don't even know what to tell you.

What makes it even more hilarious is sometimes her friend/store manager, her mother and even her love interest also go along with whatever bs she's staying. It shows that even with them being "normal", they're just as complacent and off as Miranda.

But first episode, Gary Preston (again, played by freakin' Tom Ellis) comes back into town, and Miranda has always had a crush on him. It's awkward at first because Gary, who still doesn't want to settle down, keeps running into Miranda through awkward situations like baby stuff unloaded in her apartment or trying on wedding dresses with friends when he walks by. But what seals the ship for me is what happens in the second episode.

Le Moment: Cooking Lesson (And spoiler for a 13-year-old season)

The second episode, "Teacher" is Miranda trying to take a variety of different lessons, French and Tango, to unlock her romantic "allure" to be intimate with Gary. In her own spectacular way, she fails at both. Towards the end, Gary offers her cooking lessons since he, being a chef, believes that a lot of food Miranda eats is crap and that she would eventually have a high appreciation of the food he makes. And Gary does get highly pissed whenever she dismisses the food he makes or loves having a chef friend to get free food. But his anger about it only makes her hot under the collar.

Girl, you're not the only one.

Sexy, hot expectation...that didn't happen.

So Miranda devises a plan that's straight out of a romance novel. Since Gary is very sensitive when it comes to his cooking, Miranda decides that she'll insult his cooking to the point they'll be all hot and bothered, throwing tomato sauce at each other before going at each other like rabbits. That was the expectation. In reality, it didn't happen. Tomato sauce was thrown after an argument, but they ended up being angry at each other instead of having sex. But in the end, after they washed up and had a moment of reconnecting. They sing a couple of bars from Chicago's "Hard to Say I'm Sorry", then the moment is restored to where they're about kiss....and then they're interrupted. (Dammit).

They'll make it up to each other all right.

This was the moment where I paid my fare to board the Miranda & Gary ship. Because as awkward and socially weird as Miranda is, she speaks to a lot of us who are introverted, not sure on how to speak in social situations, and make bigger fools out of ourselves but still are able to catch the guy that we've always wanted. And sometimes he's willing to go along with those hi-jinks because he loves her for just who she is. And that's a true, heartfelt love that I will ship forever. Not to mention their chemistry was just real and authentic despite any circumstances. I just love them.

(sighs dreamily)

Where to Find It:

Available on Hulu and Acorn TV. It's a definite must-watch if you love British TV, especially comedies. There is the new US version of Call Me Kat available now, but it doesn't hold as much magic as the British version does. At least not to me. And no matter if he temporarily plays Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time or Lucifer Morningstar, Tom Ellis will ALWAYS be Gary Preston to me first.

Read & Ship On. :)


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