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#ShippingSunday: Morticia & Gomez

The couple that set the standard for relationship goals

Couple: Morticia & Gomez from "The Addams Family"
Le Moment: "ALL OF THEM"

It's Halloween time, so we're going to be highlighting some relationships this month that are spooktacular. It can't be stated enough that Morticia and Gomez Addams have set the standard for relationship goals. Every article and YouTube countdown double down on that. From the newspaper cartoon to the show from the 1960s show their flair and long enduring love for each other. But we're going to focus on what I mainly grew up with, and that's the 1991 movie, The Addams Family.

Quick Rundown:

Gomez's older brother, Fester, has been missing for fifteen years after they had a squabble. Gomez's lawyer, Tully, owes money to a crooked biddy named Abigail Craven who has a son named Gordon who happens to look a lot like Fester. So Tully suggests that Gordan pretends to be Fester, and therefore, they could get their mitts on the Addams' family fortune.

So "Fester", along with Abigail posing as a bogus German psychiatrist who happened to have found Fester in the Bermuda Triangle. But Gordon is starting to find his stride with this strange family, where he finds himself more ingratiated into the clan instead of trying to find the family's money that his trifling mother wants him to find. But in the mist of their constant scheming to get their hands on the money, there plenty of Gomez and Morticia gems sprinkled throughout.

Le Moment: "All of Them" (Yes, seriously)

Honestly, who can decide on one scene from Morticia and Gomez? I mean, you're already shipping them on the movie poster.

Writing fanfic right now.

But this 1991 version featuring the wonderful and dreadfully missed Raul Julia and the gloriously gorgeous Anjelica Huston, has the best chemistry that I've seen of any iteration of The Addams Family. So dammit, I’m just going to go through a few of the moments I love (which I think are your favs, too).

1) In the first part of the movie, Gomez is waking up Morticia, waxing poetic of how he’d die and kill for her. Then after battling against the sun that dared to impede on their intimate interlude, Morticia tells Gomez how last night he was like ”some desperate howling demon” and that he frightened her.

Please do.

2) Uh, that bidding auction for that diabolical Chinese finger trap? Watching this as a kid certainly made my eyes go wide but mad respect for getting so turned on by the bidding war and getting it on in front of everyone. If this isn’t a relationship goal for the especially the exhibitionists, I don’t know what is.

LOL Fester in the backgorund.

3) A grave talk. Literally. How they first met at a funeral and how they instantly fell for each other. And how they find solace in being buried in the family cemetery, rotting together for all eternity.

Creepily sentimental and sweet.

4) The waltz scene that transition to their big party. Gomez asks Morticia how long it’s been since they’ve waltzed. Morticia says, “Oh, Gomez. Hours.” And they proceed proceed to twirl around in a waltz, just so romantic and so fantastic.

Chemistry just off the charts.

5) Last and not least. The big climax where Morticia is being held hostage by fake doctor heifer, shady lawyer Tully and fake Fester but to a lesser degree. She’s stretched on the rack and having her limbs pulled, which to her, is like a chiropractor adjustment. Thing follows her then goes back to alert Gomez who comes to rescue her. After getting into a very impressive sword fight with Tully, Gomez is stopped in his place by pseudo doc, who wants Gomez to lead Sully to where all that money is being hidden in the vault, and if he doesn’t come back in time, she’ll kill Morticia. So on his way to vault, Gomez goes all up to her and gets those romantic bars out again, about seeing how seeing her in this tortuous way makes his blood boil, and how living life without her would be torture. Then they’re told to knock it off. But I just love that in even a situation that they can’t stop from their thoughts drifting to each other.

I just love this look after they're interrupted.

Also, the end part when Fester/Gordon is getting his mommy issues out of the fake b doc and Tully, Gomez is unfastening Morticia’s restraints, commenting on that and the hot red pokers.

Most likely this happened later.

Where to Find It:

Where can’t you find it? It’s one of those staples that’s always in the normal stores. Clips are available on YouTube. You can also watch it on almost every streaming platform for a small fee or PlutoTV for free. Next Halloween, be ready for the sequel. :)

Until next Halloween!

Read & Spook On. :)


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