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#ShippingSunday: Seher & Yaman

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The legacy of a hard-earned love

Couple: Seher & Yaman from "Emanet / Legacy"
Le Moment: "The Pretty Princess"

So this is one of those series that I had found on YouTube due to watching a music video, and then I was instantly hooked into my first ever Turkish drama. And the pace of it is grueling, watching for it to drop every day for months until it ran to Episode 205. That's a LONG time for watching but kept my lunch hours entertained while I still worked my RL job from home.

First off, I have to sort Yaman, the main lead in this, in a category of what I'd like to call the problematic bae (topic that can be a series by now). He's hot and when he gets into his love groove with Seher, completely romantic. But if he's wronged by her or anyone, he's flies off the handle and goes too far in his temper.

But the chemistry between them sizzles, regardless if they're running hot or cold. And it's on a conservative channel in Turkey so they don't show kissing on the mouth, but that's not necessary. They shoot things in such a way that the sensuality speaks for itself, not to mention the natural rapport they have with each other.

The eye effin' goes on for DAYS on this show.

But I'm getting into this one because season two just started this week, and I'm already pumped to go through the rollercoaster with these two. So, prepared for a ton of pictures. :)

Not so Quick Rundown:

Seher (played by the gorgeous Sila Türkoğlu) is living with her father in Istanbul.

She hasn't seen her older sister in years since their father essentially disowned her for marrying into the Kirimli family. They're wealthy but cold people. So when Kevser loses her husband, she feels trapped inside the mansion, but her only solace is her son, Yusuf (played by the adorable Berat Rüzgar Özkan). Kevser gets into a fatal accident at the house, but before she dies at the hospital, she has her sister, Seher, promise not to leave Yusuf alone in the viper's nest at the mansion.

So Seher tries to orchestrate anything to get Yusuf away from the Kirimlis after the sudden death of her father. Seher even tries kidnapping Yusuf but it's averted by his merciless, cold uncle, Yaman Kirmili. But Yaman doesn't give up control easily, willing to fight tooth and nail for Yusuf just as much as Seher is. And in the first few episodes, he fights DIRTY, but Seher stands firm in her determination to be with Yusuf no matter the costs.

War between Amca and Teyze.

Yaman (played by too hot for words, Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan) is a cruel business man who had a hard childhood. Being the youngest out of his three brothers, he's the one burdened with the most responsibility of taking care of his family, and has experienced the most trauma out of the boys growing up, and boy its apparent. Their mother abandoned them so now he has a massive distrust of women, so Seher trying to steal Yusuf from under his nose only proves his point about what he's already felt.

He's mad because she's pretty.

But Yusuf misses his mother, and has already emotionally latched onto his aunt. Seeing that Yusuf is a hollow shell without Seher, Yaman allows her to stay at the mansion with them, along with his mentally ill brother, Ziya, and Ziya's snake of a wife, Ikbal.

Ikbal is the catalyst for Seher's sister's accident. Constantly scheming, she is determined to get a hold of the Kirimli fortune by any means necessary, but she, like Yaman, never counted on the beautiful and determined Seher to step into their paths.

As enemies to lovers as you can get.

Le Moment: "The Pretty Princess" (And, you know it, spoilers)

Now, Yaman and Seher had a rough start. And I mean REAL rough. He still doesn't trust her, but the man has already given off heaps of "damn, you're pretty and I can't stand it" vibes when he's not displaying mad jealousy. She works at a soup restaurant with her childhood friend, Selim, who is madly in love with Seher and has always wanted to marry her. But Seher only sees him as a brother. See how that could be trouble in future plots? Spoiler, it is. Several times.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

Seher wanted a job to feel useful and earn money to pay back some debt, and she had been adamant to Yaman that she didn't consider raising her nephew a job. So Yaman asks her to not be late for Yusuf's fifth birthday party, which would be at the mansion. She's given a new dress for the party since her only good dress was ruined by Ikbal in the chance that Seher, apart from working, couldn't attend the party. Ikbal has invited her sister, Zuhal, to stay at the mansion. Ikbal has the intention of Zuhal hooking up with Yaman so that she could get married and producing a Kirimili heir, something Ikbal hasn't been able to do.

But they're thwarted. Seher makes it to the party, and in a pretty as a princess pink dress, which she thought was provided by Ikbal. Nope, Yaman arranged for it. And he's mesmerized by the result when she comes down the stairs in a grand fashion.

What's funny is that Zuhal had descended the stairs first, smiling because she thought Yaman's star-studded eyes were on her. Heh, she thought... But after Seher made it down, Zuhal decided to be petty and step on Seher's train, which causes her to fall...and right into Yaman's arms.

Now at this formal birthday party for a five-year-old (with only adults, mind you), Seher is tasked to keep the birthday boy entertained. Erstwhile, Yaman keeps himself occupied, too... by staring the eff out of her. There's even this guy who's there at the party who immediately takes an interest in Seher, which Yaman picks up on. When the guy swoops in to talk to her at the refreshment table, Yaman is there to c-block with the excuse that Yusuf is looking for her. Seher sees that Yusuf is being entertained by his Uncle Ziya, but she leaves anyway. Yaman then he ignores the man who tries to strike up a conversation with him, only to go back to staring at Seher.

Meanwhile, Zuhal is having a meltdown. She's angry that Seher not only made it but is the belle of the ball, therefore, ruining her chance of making an impression with Yaman, who's always been nonplused by her presence. Ikbal then plots by putting medication into some juice and hands it to Seher to drink, which she does.

After a while, the medication takes affect, and while posing for a photo op after cutting the cake, Seher passes out. Yaman comes to her side, while Ikbal insists that the butler carry Seher to her room since it just seems that her blood pressure is low. Yaman's response was to scoop Seher into his arms and out the front door to the hospital, just in time for Zuhal to see it while coming down the stairs.

In the final moments in the episode, Yaman is at Seher's bedside at the hospital while the housekeeper tells Yusuf a story about a sleeping princess. Like in the story, Yaman comes to to the pretty princess's side, stroking back her hair and leaning in to kiss her...then she wakes up...and so does he. Yup, Yaman imagined kissing Seher, which subconsciously confirms what viewers has suspected all along...he has a thing for her. He's surprised and a little thrown off by his thoughts (we're not). Because this is just a bit of insight to the bottomless depths he's willing to go for her.

Where to Find It:

YouTube is the place to be. Most of the full episodes from Season 1 doesn't have full English subtitles, but there are clips available per episode to give the gist of the episode. Also, special all star props to Mihrilee, who always has the full episode translation in the comment section.

Read & Ship On. :)


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