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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Win a copy of Amalie Howard’s The Beast of Beswick!

As I had mentioned in my latest newsletter, the pure joy that is Bridgerton was fantastic. I binged it with my best friend and was immediately inspired by it. I am also rewatching it with my husband as we volley between Bridgerton and The Witcher (for Henry freakin' Cavill and gamer reasons).

Thank you, Shonda, for creating Bridgerton despite me still being mad about most seasons of Scandal. Olitz forever!

Because of the success of Bridgerton and even the service Passionflix, a lot of romance properties will most likely hit the mainstream. It makes you think about what you'd love to see get made next. I'd personally love Lisa Kleypas' historical novels get some treatment (St. Vincent or Derek Craven? Decisions, decisions).

That being said, and also for me being a Jane Austen fan (I have the show Wishbone to thank for that), I'm giving away one of my favorite historical novels. Yup, doing this contest so that a lucky handful can win a virtual copy for the first ever Jazz's Favorite Things. In my Audible, physical and Kindle collection combined, most of them are historical novels. Most are Regency Romances. I don't know. I've always just wanted Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy sideways grind despite disliking each other. Is that so wrong?

What do I love about The Beast of Beswick? It's about a misbehaving, disfigured duke and a determined woman who doesn't care about what fits or items he throws. Astrid is set in saving her sister from being married off by any means necessary, even if it means throwing herself at the very beastly duke. But I do appreciate how Thane devours of our heroine. All you need to imagine is this red dress on the cover and his study door. Point made. Astrid is strong, and I love the shifts in Thane to ensure the happiness of Astrid and himself.

But enter to win by clicking on the book. Contest will end on March 31, 2021 and winners will be put in April's newsletter. Good luck!

What property would you love to see on the small or big screen? Comment down below!

Read on. :)


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