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Shipping Sunday

A thousand high-fives if you know this movie.

Being a romance writer, I see romance in a lot of things. Been like that since I was little. Might be the Pisces in me but I wear those rose-colored glasses with pride.

But there’s a lot of things I do is ship mainly couples and occasionally friendships too. Most of them are main couples and others just random ships I like for some reason even though they make zero sense. (Shout out to those two other HanMei/Meizo shippers out there.)

From the OTP mains of romance movies to obscure game references, I’ll share each Sunday what I ship and the moment that clinched it for me. This will also be on all platforms that I'm on too (FB, IG, Twitter, and here). And I hope you’ll also share what you're a fan of, too. We may like the same thing.

Read & Fan On :)


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