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#Shipping Sunday: Carolina & Hector

Prognosis: A Medically Necessary Read

Couple: Carolina & Hector from "Remission"
Le Moment: "Hate Always, Dr. Ramirez"

So, as I had indicated in my latest newsletter, I had actually sat down to read a book. My attention span is shorter than any increment of time but I did manage to blaze through this one. This book, Remission, is by a fellow author who had also just debuted her first book, Ofelia Martinez.

This slow-burning, character-building, curatively compassionate, Latinx inclusive, mentor worshipping story is a medically necessary read. Why? Just the thought of Hector saying "Carolina" with his Spanish accent is enough to make sure your vital signs are in working order. So let's get straight into this rundown thanks to Ofelia's blurb.

Quickish Rundown:

He's my mentor and off-limits. So why can’t I stay away from him?

As Dr. Carolina Ramirez’s career is taking off, she gets incredible news. Dr. Hector Medina, the doctor she idolized as a teenager and whose research she used to design her cutting-edge clinical trial, is joining her team. As her boss.

But they say you should never meet your heroes, and Carolina is about to get far more than she bargained for. She knows a liaison with her boss is a bad idea. But in addition to the intellectual spark they share, there’s an undeniable physical connection between them she can’t seem to ignore.

Then it all goes wrong and instead of explaining himself, he skips town, nearly destroying her—and her career—in his wake.

Seven years later, he’s back and opening up old wounds she’d thought long healed. She’s recovered her career, her reputation, and her confidence despite his devastating betrayal. She should hate him. Instead, she finds herself drawn to him once again.

Why can’t she get him out of her head? And why does her body still react to him after so many years apart?

That's what hero-worshipping a hot mentor will get you. The book is bookend with the present day and the past events sandwiched in between so you can understand what led to their current state of animosity. But the first few pages of Remission lead me to Le Moment of shipping...

Le Moment: "Hate Always, Dr. Ramirez"

The first chapter starts off in the present day. Dr. Carolina Ramirez is being interviewed in front of an audience. She's a doctor who specializes in oncology. She's written a paper and a book on her research and is now getting her due. During a Q&A, she's in for a shock when someone she least expects creeps up the mic to ask questions. Yes, Dr. Hector Medina. He's the doctor who she admired, taking his foundational work in cancer research steps further. And he was also her mentor seven years prior. The man still gives her the vapors, but he also pisses her off. Her heart and her reputation suffered in the years after he left without a word, and now he's here asking her questions as if nothing happened?

Carolina keeps her cool, even when Hector has the audacity to ask for her to sign her book. She's suspicous of him at first but then realizes that he's being serious. So she signs it with a politest "screw you" she could muster:

"To the Devil himself-

You couldn't pull me down to hell with you.

Hate always,

Dr. Ramirez"

Hector laughs it off, vowing to treasure the sentiment forever. But Carolina is all kinds of confused and pissed off by his presence. Hector is flat-out determined to meet with her to talk about all that had gone down, so Carolina is in debate on hearing him out. At this point, the story sets up the desire to want to see what brought them to this point when even through the strong disdain on Carolina's part, she's still drawn to him like a magnet.

One thing I did appreciate about this book that the story is a romance, but it was also a brilliant showcase of Dr. Ramirez as a character. She's a loving daughter, a caring doctor who wants nothing but the best for her patients, and she also has strong values that won't be compromised. I definitely recommend it if you love to read medical romances. I know I can't wait for the next one.

Where to Find It:

You can find the book everywhere. The link to her website is down below with all the book-getting options you have. Also, I'm posting links to Bookfunnel to read the first few chapters for free AND she does have a free novella that's a part of the series.

Link to website:

Read first three chapters:

Free copy of Incision:

Read & Ship On. :)


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