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#ShippingSunday: Connie & Bill

Oh, and spoilers for a twenty-five-year-old movie, by the way

Connie* - Also goes by Patricia in higher circles.
Couple: Connie & Bill - "Mrs. Winterbourne"
Le Moment: One word: Tango

Say what you want about Ricki Lake’s acting or the fact they were really trying to sell a twenty-eight-year-old as a late teen, this movie is like Forest Gump to me. When it came on cable, I had to stop to watch it. Seeing people discussing it on Twitter last Sunday inspired me to bust out my DVD of it to watch it with my husband, who enjoyed it immensely.

Quick Rundown:

The story involves Connie Doyle who, through a series of unfortunate events, is mistaken as the surviving widow of a man born to a wealthy family (played by the wonderful human being, Brendan Fraser). Said family consists of mother-in-law, Grace (played by the friggin' amazing Shirley MacLaine) and snobby, skeptical twin bro of the decedent, Bill (also played by everyone’s wannabe 90’s BF, Brendan Fraser).

I love once Connie (who everyone calls Patricia), gets made over and Bill starts to warm up to her while on a day out in Boston. All things change when their loyal butler, drunk after heartbreak, demands Bill to ”woo” Connie by dancing the tango.

And he does.

Girl, me too. Me too.

The tango is brief. Just a couple of magical minutes. But the intimacy of the dance seduces not only each other but the audience as well. Just his legs alone did it for me as he guided her through the dance. (There's one particular good pointing leg part that makes me giddy, but I digress.) This was the scene I wore my VHS tape for, playing it over and over. And I’m not sure if it would have worked with anyone but Brendan to sell it. (Post-Tango coitus scene is proof of this).

Award-worthy, no it's not. But a rewatchable feel-good movie with a sweet love story? Give that to me all day, every day. After all, I'll never oppose a movie that inspires my non-dancing husband to want tango lessons.

Where to Find It:

I've heard that people have seen it on Pluto TV, which is free. Someone does have a partial clip of the tango scene on YouTube. Also available to rent and own off Amazon Prime. But you may stumble across it as I did at a shop that may sell DVDs like Half Price Books, etc.

Read & Ship On. :)


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