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#ShippingSunday: Sakura & Tendo

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

A Definite Incurable Case of Love

Couple: Sakura & Tendo - "Love Lasts Forever / An Incurable Case of Love / Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo"
Le Moment: Casual Rememberance

This Japenese Drama is something I had watched within the last couple of months that was surprisingly good. Sneaking in minutes of it before I had to get up to go to work at my real-life job. Even with the heroine's off-putting reasons on what drove her to her current career choice, her personable approach to patients is what makes her shine. Also, her shine gives her the ability to melt the walls of a very cool-hearted doctor.

Resistant is futile to the cute, bubbly nurse.

Quick Rundown:

Sakura Nanase (Kamishiraishi Mone) is a girl in high school, who is at a shrine praying to meet a decent guy without any hangups. On her way from the shrine, an older lady she is following suddenly collapses. Sakura screams for help, where a gentleman runs to the aid. She learns he’s a doctor named Tendo Kairi (Satoh Takeru) at a hospital in Tokyo. With a bad case of insta-love, Sakura is resolved in studying nursing for the next five years so that she can work at the same hospital as Tendo to meet him again.

The warmest she’ll feel from him for a while.

But Tendo-Sensei is not the romantic hero that she's had in mind for the last five years. She approaches him her first day on the job, and in front of God and everyone, declares she’s there because of him and she likes him. And he immediately shuts her down, not remembering who she is and telling her to get herself check out for confessing to him out of the blue. Because of this, her coworkers nickname her Yusha (Hero) for her bravery in confessing her feelings to Mao (Devil). Sakura learns that Tendo-Sensei is an a-hole at work but generally concerned for his patients, especially for a little girl he’s attended to for a while.

While working under him in the Cardiology department, Sakura screws up left and right, especially when Tendo is near. And he calls her out each and every time because her incompetence endangers the patients or causes more work for coworkers. Tendo coldly berates her, telling her that she should quit before she does more harm. On her last day before moving down to Pediatrics, Sakura manages to show an endearing quality that will set her apart from everyone else in the rest of the series.

AKA "Liability"

Le Moment: Casual Remembrance (spoiler for the first episode)

The little girl, Anri-Chan, has a heart condition that has gotten worse. She had a discharge date on her calendar but now has to remain in the hospital, to her disappointment. One night, she's missing from her room, and everyone is searching for her. Sakura finds her sitting on top of a railing of a balcony. Sakura is able to talk Anri-Chan down, but the little girl slips. Sakura catches her but Anri-Chan is slipping through her hands. Sakura screams for help, and who comes to the rescue? Of course, Tendo-Sensei. They pull up the little girl, and after other nurses take Anri-Chan back inside, Tendo says that if he's to say a nice thing about what Sakura is good at (rolls eyes), it's acting quickly, the same as she had five years ago.

That's right. Tendo's memory isn't so blank after all. He remembers her calling for help with the older lady, and how she stared after them as the ambulance drove away, still looking concerned. Sakura reveals that she didn't know what she wanted to do in life. But that was the day she found her calling in wanting to help people, and she knew that path would also lead her to him. With this, she is resolved to become even better at her job and stay in the Cardiology department. But this also strengthens her resolve towards him as well. As she becomes a better nurse, she also wishes to find ways to make him smile and fall in love with her. And he resists...until he can't.

Spoiler: He totally does.

Where to Find It:

This is based on a manga if you ever want to read the original source material. Also available on Dramacool, Daily Motion & Kiss Asian streaming sites. It's just ten episodes that can be quickly binged. And this series is also a love hexagon where there’s love and crushes between minor characters. And possible cry alert in the last two episodes. Sure did take me by surprise.

Read & Ship On. :)


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